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Colehill First School

Values & Ethos

Everyone Matters, Every Day Counts


 A school where everyone is nurtured and empowered to be their best selves.


Vision and Values Statement

Our Intent:

  • Our ethos is to protect and relate to children, to encourage children to access their learning in a safe, nurturing and positive environment where all children, staff and parents respect and care for each other. 

  • Nurturing positive relationships built on trust, understanding and care will foster children’s motivation and promote their learning, social and emotional development and academic achievement.  

  • We have high behaviour expectations which is essential for effective teaching and learning to take place. 

  • High self esteem promotes positive behaviour, effective learning and meaningful  relationships. The best results, in terms of promoting positive behaviour arise from emphasising potential, rewarding success and giving praise for effort and achievement, rather than focusing on negative behaviour. 

  • Through adults modelling positive behaviour, well planned and stimulating learning opportunities, we believe that children will accept learning challenges and develop self discipline.

  • Positive and supportive relationships with parents is a key factor in allowing children to achieve their full potential. We will work with families and other agencies to provide support where needed.

  • Children are treated as individuals as their needs are different, this may appear unfair but is necessary to ensure each child receives the support they need.

  • We will teach strategies to help children and staff regulate and bring down stress levels. 

  • We will ensure that time is given to children to reflect and repair upon behaviour that has been inappropriate or unacceptable to think about how it can be put right. This will take place with the adult that dealt with the unacceptable behaviour in the first place. This will allow the relationship between the child and adult to remain a positive one.



School Values : Respect, Reflect, Resilient

Our School Values underpin all that we do and are used explicitly in conversations with the children.


We respect ourselves, others people and the world around us


We think about how we can make things better in how we learn and how we behave


We keep on trying even when it is hard and know that the harder we try the better we will be.